Building An Online Empire Doesn’t Happen Over Night

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I’ve been slowly building an online empire since 2005. I started out buying a .ws domain for an online marketing and design business venture I wanted to develop at that time. It didn’t really pan out with my lack of experience back then and following hundreds of blogs on the topic that all contradicted each other with different advice. After a while, I realized that I needed to take the bull by horns and look for more authoritative avenues of information.

The first thing I realized was that I was doing it all wrong with a .ws and found that the .com version of my domain was available for registration, so naturally, I grabbed it. Woo hoo, I then owned two domains. And that’s where I got sucked into the domain investing industry. I started frequenting domain industry communities (E.g. NamePros) to ask other investors about their strategies.

To avoiding rewriting what I’ve already written, below are a few links to articles I wrote over the years about my empire building adventure:

The above articles are pretty robust with information and may take you a little time to soak in, but they will help draw out the big picture of the empire I’m still working on building up.

I have a public network of websites and a private network of websites that I developed for various revenue streams (E.g. Services, Digital products, Pay-Per-Click ads, Swag products, etc.). Each of the projects so far don’t generate a huge amount of cash, however, they do all add up together at the end of each month to make it an ok payday.

I’ve found that when I put more attention into one area and it starts to generate more revenue, my other projects tend to start producing less. Managing multiple sites on a network with different revenue streams can be a hair pulling balancing act on a trapeze wire. It’s important to find one primary focus sooner than later in my opinion. Here I am in 2016, started in 2005, and still trying to get this empire balanced to retire on one day.

I hear lots of people claiming how easy it is to be successful online if they just buy an eBook to read, follow a guru’s blog, or pay a consultant. It’s never as easy as that! As the saying goes; If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

With that said, if you are looking to get into some online projects to supplement your income for retirement, be sure you go into it with your eyes wide open and expect years of hard work. Building an empire to retire on doesn’t happen over night.

My families adventure continues as we push forward in building and perfecting. We’ll get there someday. Be sure to follow our blog to see how we are achieving that goal. You never know when one of the solutions we find might answer one of your’ questions.

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