Copyrights And Trademarks

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It’s important once you have an image, graphic, or brand designed that you take measures to protect yourself and your business from thieves. It’s becoming more and more of a problem in today’s society for someone to copy or steal another persons or companies design and try to pass it off as their own.

::: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):::

The digital Millennium Copyright Act protects anything digital that was created or upload to the internet and displayed where others can see it. Please check the following references to learn more:

::: Copyrights :::

You can copyright Images, articles, and quotes legally in the United States. While the DMCA automatically protects you when you upload your art, image, graphic, articles, etc. online, it’s nice to feel a little bit more secure by filing a copyright form with the U.S. federal copyright office. The filling fee is minimal and well worth the added protection it gives you in a court of law in the event any infringements take place requiring litigation. Please check the following references to learn more:

::: Trademarks :::

Trademarks are a little different than your normal copyright. A trademark can be an image, mascot, symbol, logo typography, etc. that represents your company, organization, or brand name. You can trademark yourself two different ways.

The first way is to simply add and display the initials “TM” next to your associated brand image. The “TM” represents a unique unregistered trademark being protected by your local and federal laws.

The second way (and best approach) is to pay a minimal filing fee and fill out a Trademark form with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This method will provide you with the maximum protection available in case of future infringement litigation. Please check the following references to learn more:

::: Disclaimer :::

We are not attorneys nor do we represent our self to be an authority on copyright or trademark laws. We do however recommend that everyone should research the laws in order to protect them self, as well as hire a licensed copyright or trademark attorney to represent them. We are providing the above information in an effort to help you get started in your research and protect your rights.

As we are based in the United States, the information provided reflects the country we reside and conduct business in. If you are not in the U.S., Please check with your local government offices to find more information pertaining to your copyright and trademark laws.

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