Current Itinerary – Nov. 2016

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So far the itinerary for November 2016 looks a bit like this.

  • Rescheduled: Investing in a slide-in truck camper – (This has regrettably been pushed back to Feb. 2017 due to some unexpected financial responsibilities popping up.)
  • Visit Family in San Antonio, Texas: This will be Timber’s (Our Ford F350) maiden voyage on the interstate so we can see how she handles for extended highway travel. (197.1 miles = about 3 hours drive time one way – and – 394.2 miles = about 6 hours drive time round trip.) – We’ll get to test our dual gas tanks as well.
  • Parks & Recreation: We’ll be visiting a few Houston parks to get our exercise on and soak in a little bit of controlled nature.
  • My Birthday: We celebrated my B-Day on Nov. 1st, went out to Pappadeaux’s for lunch, and I’ll be having a late B-Day dinner this Sunday (Nov. 6).
  • Free Museums and Monuments: We may be visiting a few of the free museums and monuments in the surrounding Harris county (Texas) area.

I may be adding more to this list as the month progresses.

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