Diversifying From A Sub-Niche To A Cross-Niche Campaign

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In an earlier article, I wrote about breaking down a niche into sub-niches, micro-niches, and nano-niches for a more targeted audience. (Read: Breaking Down A Niche). I was inspired to write this article about diversifying from a sub-niche campaign to a cross-niche campaign after a few random comments on FaceBook with Mike Mann.

Mike Mann – Can it go in to the same network from the same crowd?

Eric Lyon – I don’t see why it couldn’t go into the same network from the same crowd Mike, however, while that may appear to be the most targeted niche, it’s actually a bullet in the foot later if one doesn’t diversify and target cross-niches (not sub-niches). It’s the cross-niches that will convert at higher margins. But then, that’s just my humble opinion.

Conversation Source

While I am a firm believer that sub-niches, micro-niches, and nano-niches have good conversion rates with a lower amount of targeted viewers needed, I’m also a believer that cross-niches open the door to a whole new line of potential customers.

Identifying a cross-niche

Let’s take a look at an example cross-niche to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Primary Niche: Design

Sub-Niche: Brand Design

Cross-Niche: Small Business Start-Ups

We identified the cross-niche with the sub-niche easily because small business start-ups are generally always in need of branding design (Eventually). Even though the cross-niche doesn’t use any of the same keywords/terms that our primary or sub-niche does, we know from experience and research that the two cross paths at some point and work well together.

In the example above, it becomes clear that the easiest way to identify a cross-nice is to start looking at your target audience first. 9 out of every 10 cross-niche markets are found in your target demographics.

Diversifying into a cross-niche

Now that we have an example cross-niche established, it’s time to diversify. The easiest way to do this is to conduct new research into your selected cross-niche/demographic to match other complementing skill sets you have with your new target market.

In this example, we know (After researching) that small business start-ups not only need a solid brand identity, they also need the following:

  • Website Design
  • Content/Article Creation
  • Advertising/Marketing Materials
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Aide
  • Social Media Management
  • Webmaster Services
  • Data-Entry
  • Brand Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Accounting/Taxes
  • And More!

To diversify, we now cross-check our skill-sets to see if we can provide solutions for some the other small business start-up needs. Once you identify the matches, it’s time to update your service menu and create a new campaign to target your new cross-niche discovery.

How does diversifying into a cross-niche benefit me?

Great question! By diversifying into a cross-niche, you accomplish the following:

  • Open new revenue streams
  • Establish upselling techniques
  • Your Business Expands
  • During slow months of one service, additional services can help float the rest
  • Better customer retention
  • An expert in your field

In Conclusion

While cross-niche diversifying may not be for everyone, it’s pretty clear to me that the benefits of it are worth the research and development. Try to avoid completely unrelated niches clashing together. It’s one thing to have a complementary cross-niche that solves problems for existing customers and another to slap unrelated niches together that confuse your customers with lack of targeting.

Good luck out there!

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