Entrepreneurial Psychology – The Motivational Theory Of Instinct

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It’s no big secret that some entrepreneurs are more motivated than others. But why?

In my latest research of different areas in psychology I focused a little on the motivational factors that propel some entrepreneurs further than others. While there are literally hundreds (If not thousands) of studies in this field of psychology, I’m just going to reference one today and provide you with my own takeaway from it.

The Motivational Theory Of Instinct

In this theory, we look at the biology of human instinct. For perspective, let’s look at an infants journey to walking on their own.

In the beginning, you can lay them on a blanket and they will squirm around on their belly. This eventually leads to using their arms to scoot their body across the blanket.

The accomplishment of being able to go from one area of the blanket to another is stimulating to them as their vision gets better and they can identify different objects around them. Curiosity now has a grip on them and they are determined to find a way to get closer to an object to investigate it.

They start to use their legs in addition to their arms and begin to crawl. Moving slightly faster to get to objects, this is yet another accomplishment that stimulates their psyche to achieve even better results.

Observing their parents (Researching) moving around on two legs, quickly, intrigues them and they want to do the same thing. They begin by pulling themselves up on the edge of the bed, desk, couch, or what ever they can get a grip on and walk along side it to strengthen their legs. Eventually, they venture off to the middle of the room without any hand support and fall down.

Falling down doesn’t discourage a child at all. They get right back up and keep doing it until they can accomplish moving around on two legs flawlessly.

In Conclusion

While we can attribute some of the motivation to their study (Research) of watching their parents movements, it’s evident that most of the phases they went through were instinctively self motivated and driven by determination and the goal of getting to an object.

Reflecting on our infancy or witnessing a child go through these same stages, we can now get a better understanding of how motivational instinct can help adult entrepreneurs achieve greatness.

When we apply goals and crave accomplishments, it helps stimulate our entrepreneurial psyche to research, test, and find the most effective solutions to our every day problems, naturally and instinctively.

There’s no reason to look at motivational instinct as a complicated variable in the sea of endless brick walls we face in the growth of our businesses. Keeping it simple and relying on basic instinct (Like a baby learning to walk) is essential to maintaining an easy transition in accomplishing our daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals.

As humans, we are pre-programmed (Instinctively) to troubleshoot situations and identify solutions. One only needs to apply the time, dedication, devotion, and effort into their research and development process. Like with a child holding onto something standing up to strengthen their legs without knowing using them makes them stronger, they instinctively accomplish a major life changing goal motivated by the curiosity of something new across the room.

Now that we have a better (Simple) grasp on how motivational instinct works, we can apply the same passion and drive to our current adult orientated goals with the understanding that we will get stronger the more we push forward and learn (Like a child’s legs as they learn to walk for the first time).

Stay positive, passionate, and curious (Instinctively) to learning something new every day. Don’t fight it, embrace and harness your inner child, let it’s curiosity motivate you to achieve greatness. Don’t let falling down discourage you, get back up and try again. You’ll get it eventually (It’s like learning to walk).

Happy business building everyone!


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