Ford F350 1 Ton Crew Cab – Progress Report

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We now have the insurance, inspection, registration, and title transfer completed. The line at the tax office wasn’t so bad. It only took us 45 minutes to get our paperwork processed. (See pictures of our truck here)

I did learn something new when adding the Ford F350 1 Ton to our insurance policy. At first, they tried to get me to put it on commercial insurance due to the tonnage and didn’t seem to believe me when I explained it would be a family vehicle for safety and travel.

Once convinced (partially), our agent added the 1 ton to the policy and informed us that due to the tonnage they may have to drop us next month or find an alternative policy that will cover such a large commercial vehicle. They then informed us that our monthly insurance fee almost doubled.

The reasoning for the two surprises was that a 1996 Ford f350 1 Ton is built with more steel, has a heavier duty chassis, and can do some serious damage to other vehicles or buildings if involved in an accident. Since we have a basic liability policy, it means the insurance company would have to cover more damages if an accident occurred. Even with our flawless driving records, it doesn’t help cut costs in the “What If” insurance world.

After they explain that to me, I replied with; “So, you’re basically telling me that we have a tank and that our 9-month-old son will be safe in it, right?” The agent just smiled and said, yes!

With the above said, I’m fine paying more for the safety of my son.

We’ve already done a few local trips around town but will cast off for our maiden voyage Nov. 9th 2016 as we head to San Antonio, Texas for 2 days to visit with family.

Sadly, it’s looking like we may not be able to find a slide-in cab-over camper this month for the truck, but plan to look more in Nov. 2016.

In other news, the wife and I have agreed on a name for the truck. She will be christened the name “Timber”, short for “Timber Wolf”: “A wolf of a large variety found mainly in northern North America, with gray brindled fur.”

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