Homemade gifts are Priceless

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When my boys were little I loved to have them make homemade gifts, especially at Christmas.  As they got older I enjoyed continuing the tradition with my nephews.  Now that Jules is here I cannot wait to create an original this holiday season for friends and family (our creation is a secret until then).  Homemade gifts are not only affordable but most are easy for little hands to help.

The first year my boys and I did homemade gifts we took pine cones and glued on glitter and other assorted craft objects and then assembled them onto a base to make them look like a festive Christmas tree.  The second year we made footprints and handprints out of spongy modeling clay, attached decorative ribbons and wrote their names and the date on the back for Christmas tree decorations. The third year we did homemade soap. The soap had to be melted in the microwave and got pretty hot so the boys could not be involved with that part but they loved making unique colors, shapes and adding objects like glitter and toys for decoration.

My nephews and I made homemade Christmas frames one year with tongue depressors and decorated the frames with their fingerprints that we turned into Christmas lights with a sharpie. I took cute pictures of them, had them developed and attached them to the frames. Last year we made salt dough Christmas ornaments ( 1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1 cup warm water). You can color it,dye it, add objects to the dough, bake it or let it air dry if you have time but don’t forget to punch a hole for your string while the dough is still moist.

Homemade gifts help teach kids they don’t have to buy gifts and that gifts made with love are more priceless to the recipient than the most expensive diamonds in the world.  Please share any homemade gift ideas below and let me know if you try any of mine.


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