Just A Couple Random Updates (Subscriptions And Truck Prospecting)

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Just some random updates:

It turns out that the original subscription software we were using just didn’t provide what we needed and it had a bug or two in it. With that said, we removed that software and installed a new one that has everything we need, no bugs, been tested, and up to date with compatibilities. Feel free to use the new subscription form at the top of the right column.

Tomorrow, we’ll be going to look at an extended cab Chevy truck to see if it will work as our travel vehicle to slide a camper in the bed of. It’s only a 1/2 ton 1500 version and ideally, we would want a 1 ton 3500 version for it’s commercial-grade chassis and total weight capacity. However, even a 1/2 ton 1500 can work with a lighter weight slide-in camper.

The larger version slide-in campers with all the bells and whistles weigh in around 2,500 to 3,100 pounds, which puts a lot of strain on the rear-end of a truck. You really need a 1 ton 3500 for weight like that. However, they also make lighter weight slide-in campers with less bells and whistles weighing in around 750 to 1,500 pounds. It’s these lighter weight slide-in campers that we’ll be looking at for a 1/2 ton 1500 (If we decide to buy it tomorrow).

We don’t really need all the luxury of the heavier / bells and whistles models. The camper will be serving our basic travel needs which includes, but is not limited to: Protection from the weather, a bed to sleep in, controlled climate, a stove, an oven, a sink, and a dinette table to eat at and work on our laptops from. The camper will basically be a mobile office and motel room wrapped into one. That’s all we really need for our adventures.

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