[Phase 1 complete]- Just Bought A 1996 Ford F350 (1 Ton) Crew Cab Truck

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1996-ford-f350-crew-cabYAY! We completed the first phase of our truck and camper project and purchased a 1996 Ford F350 1 Ton crew cab truck. It was an amazing deal that we couldn’t pass up. The seller even drove it over 1 1/2 hours to bring it to our mechanic to check it out before we paid for it. You can’t beat that type of southern hospitality. My hats off to the Texas Rancher that sold us the truck!

After inspection, I dropped a brand new battery and serpentine belt in it. Which turned out to be the only major things wrong with the truck (If you call that major). The motor and transmission are in tip top shape and were maintenanced every 3k to 5k miles.

Our next step will be to get insurance, inspection, oil change and registration done on Mon./Tue. Followed by a kill switch alarm system. It has an awesome tow package and HD bumper on it already, however, I think we’ll eventually add a thick cattle guard type bumper on the front as well. This commercial grade 1-ton truck is literally a tank on wheels and our son should be safe everywhere we go in it.

In the next week or two, we’ll start looking for a slide-in cab-over truck camper to put in the bed of it. It will serve as our mobile office, motel room, vacation vehicle, and mobile emergency apocalypse survival shelter. I’ve added a few more pictures of the truck below.


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