[Review] – Georgee’s Baja Grill – Hwy 6 N. – Houston, Texas

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georgees-baja-grillToday the wife and I ate at Georgee’s Baja Grill off Hwy 6 N. in Houston, Texas. When we first walked in it looked like your everyday deli type shop (Baja style) with the menu on the back wall at the front counter. We ordered and paid there and then sat down to wait for them bring out the food.

My wife ordered the shrimp taco’s and got the green poblano cheese enchilada combo meal (Comes with Mexican rice and refried beans). The atmosphere was more of the bar variety. They had beer logo’s all over the place and TV’s in the corners with sports on.

georgees-baja-grill-2We went around 2pm, to avoid any lunch or dinner crowds and get a good feel for the place without distractions. Even at 2pm we found that the 15 table location had 5 tables full.

The restrooms were clean, the wait staff was friendly, and the place looked well maintained. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of our actual plates of food. I did get a couple pictures of the inside of Georgee’s Baja Grill though (Included in this review). This is now my second favorite place to get cheese enchiladas’ and shrimp tacos. Definitely worth the visit for those of you that like a little adventure or want to try something new with a good review.


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