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I noticed that there was an influx in reviews/comments from clients and readers of my writings in various places across the interwebs and thought it might be a neat idea to compile some of them into a post/article of their own to show my thanks for their dedicated reading and patronage. While I’m very appreciative of each and every comment I find, it’s important to note that it’s my loyal readers and clients that motivate and push me into the next day of accomplishments.

I look forward to continued growth together in our respective industries.

Thank you!

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It gives me great pleasure to share some of the comments/reviews I’ve come across below:


Great post, Eric. This is among the most comprehensive explanations of premium domain valuation that I’ve ever seen written. Next time someone asks me how I came up with a value for one of my domains I’ll just link them to your post. Well done. – Source: NamePros (RJ – NamePros Founder) Comment


Nice! One of the most thorough articles I’ve read on appraisal. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

The article not only focus on domain, but also whether it’s developed, search engine index, backlinks, and rank, and other stuff. I think a domainer who knows the webside of the domain will have better edge. He sees the whole picture. Eric is one. I’ve got to read your article the second time, so I won’t miss anything.

Thanks again. – Source: FaceBook (Vincent Uy OD) Comment


Hi Eric. It’s great to connect with you. Hope to have some great networking and industry based discussions with you. I have seen your high value comments on a lot of domain sites. Will be great to have your industry rich knowledge.

Much Respect! Hope to learn from you. – Source: FaceBook (Abhik Shome) PM


Nice post Eric Lyon . Reading this article was like opening a blank page in my mind and then trying to learn something that I already knew but was never really aware of. – Source: NamePros (bashishtha) Comment


Great article! Now I wish more buyers would read this! – Source: NamePros (briguy) Comment

Design Clients

Eric, for years, has been my “go to” person for logo design. Every single client I’ve sent to him has been blown away, capturing the vision that the client had in mind. He’s created logos for my own company as well as for my clients. He fast, he’s good and his prices are beyond reasonable. The examples on his site speak for themselves. He’s pro all the way and a delight to work with. I haven’t met anyone else that can compete with his caliber of work he produces. I know my clients are in good hands when I send them to him which is very important for me; trusting my clients with Eric. – Source: Keli Escorn LinkedIn


So got my company logo in like record time and at a super reasonable cost. Thank you Eric Lyon and for your efforts.
#HappyCustomer – Source: FaceBook (Hemant Tilotia) Post


Awesome! Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the heads up on domain names and registering the name as I will get right on that. – Source: RMR Motorsports (Bob Ryan) eMail


It delights me to discover other talents of a person. Recently, I found out Eric Lyon of Namepros is also a graphics designer. So, I asked him to design my next business card. I must say I’m very happy with the result. The card contains only my personal domain name and its matching QR code. I have done away with info such as email and phone number. My name on .com is all that is needed, and the QR code is intended for my Chinese contacts. I like the professional-looking font used and the inclusion of a star-themed graphic, reminding me of China as well as the Lone Star state which has given me many fond memories. Here’s the card. – Source: (Kassey Lee) Testimonial

Biography Writers

In this article, we have brought for you the story of Eric Lyon one of the well-known entrepreneur in the domain and design industries. He is the founder of Scorpion Agency and community administrator of NamePros. – Source: (Neha Singhal) Folks Biography


Eric Lyon is doing a tremendous job as key personnel at NamePros, the forum for domain professionals. – Source: (Lucius Fabrice) DomainGang

TLD Investors (Comments on Interview)

Thank Eric, Since I started NP You’ve been on Top Form all the time. Enjoy your posts, help and experience.
Keep up the good work. – Source: Daniel Comment


He’s amazingly patient. I enjoy “working’ with him. He’s a good man. – Source: Kassey Lee Comment


Namepros is better off for having Eric on board no doubt – Source: Join Domains Comment

NamePros (Comments)

Mr Eric Lyon you are the best, a star. I definitely love you! – Source: Kite26 Comment


These are amazing, Eric!!! You are one very talented guy – Source: vwblubug Comment


It’s a great pleasure to work as a volunteer moderator under Eric’s management. He’s always made me feel welcome & valued as a team member, a courtesy which he extends to all NamePros staff. It’s his attention to the small details that make Eric stand out as a great professional which along with his other management skills, combine to make NamePros the great community it is. – Source: Scott W. LinkedIn

The above reviews/comments are just a fraction (2%) of all the ones I came across.

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Note: Did you have a spectacular review/comment I missed and would like me to add it to this page somewhere? Not a problem, shoot me an email with a link to your review/comment for consideration from our Contact Us page.

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