San Antonio, Texas – Lyon Family Meet Up And Timber’s (F350) Maiden Voyage

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lyon-family-san-antonio-meet-up-nov-2016Timber (Our F350) took it’s maiden voyage yesterday morning and delivered us safely in San Antonio, Texas to meet up with my brother, his wife, my aunt, my mother, my step father, and my aunt. As you can see in the almost wild west looking photo to the left (Due to the lighting), we were all happy to be here.

We hung out for a good 5 hours before my brother and his wife had to head out to make it to the next stop on their itinerary.

The wife and I were going to head back to Houston, Texas today at 3pm, but found a way to stay another another day.

hong-kong-island-high-5We went to Jim’s for dinner (Same restaurant as in the Tower of America’s) and ate at Hong Kong Island for lunch. You can see our son Julian giving Shirley a high five for cooking up and serving such great food. To this day I still have not found another Chinese restaurant anywhere in the country that makes General Tao Chicken as good as Hong Kong Island. They are definitely worth a try if you are in San Antonio, Texas.

Our first night in San Antonio, Texas we stayed at the airport Marriott (As seen in the pictures below) and tonight we are staying at my aunts house. We’ll be departing back to Houston, Texas tomorrow around 3pm for Timber’s (Our F350) 2nd half of her voyage. We are really proud of Timber and the wonderful job she has done. She’s definitely ready for a longer trip and a slide-in camper.

airport-san-antonio-marriott2 airport-san-antonio-marriott airport-san-antonio-marriott4 airport-san-antonio-marriott3

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