Still On The Hunt For An RV / Motorhome

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The last RV I posted about didn’t quite work out. It turned out that the owner hired a shade tree mechanic to hook-up some fuel lines going from the take to the generator so that it used the primary fuel system. Older RVs don’t have that. Long story short, the guy drilled a hole in the gas tank (Without dropping it from the RV first) and of course, was unable to secure the hose properly. Not only did it leak out all the fuel (Lucky the drill didn’t cause a spark), the line is not reliable.

The owner said they would have it fixed proper and ready to test drive in 24 hours. Low and behold, several days later, it’s still not fixed. So, I had to pass on that one.

Two days ago I was in negotiation for an RV for cash, plus trade. I was offering 1989 Chevy S-10 + cash and they seemed interested. We messaged and exchanged pics for 2 days. Sadly, communication stopped around 8pm Sept 16th and it’s now the morning of Sept 18th. I still haven’t heard back from them, so it looks like they may have changed their mind or sold it to someone else for quick cash. This just goes to show that something, extended negotiation can backfire on you.

I’m starting to see that RVs sell fast (When everything works in them). I may need to brush up on my negotiating skills and speed up the process. It seems as if most the RV sellers are looking for that fast bulk paycheck and will sell to the first stack of cash that hits their table.  Next time, the wife and I will put everything down, jump in the car, and zoom over for an inspection right away. lol

Bellow is a picture of the last RV that got away.


Back to the hunt we go. Wish us luck!

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