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Let’s take a look,

Asset Type: Brandable / Pronounceable / 7L (Seven-Letters)

Asset Extension: .com – The domain name com is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Added in 1985, its name is derived from the word commercial,[2] indicating its original intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations. Later, the domain opened for general purposes. – Source

Defining: Lagster

  1. A lagster is a genuine lager drinker.
  2. Only a true lagster knows the thick, smooth, thirst quenching taste of goodness.
  3. A lagster is one who savors the flavor of a good lager beer.
  4. Lagster’s are so good at identifying different lagers that they are considered professionals (Lagsters) in their field of fine beer beverages.
  5. Only a lager drinker with a palette that complements the cold beer beverage can ever declare themselves within the ranks of a true lagster. – Source

Defining: Lag

1 : one that lags or is last 2a : the act or the condition of lagging b : comparative slowness or retardation c(1) : an amount of lagging or the time during which lagging continues (2) : a space of time especially between related events or phenomena : interval 3 : the action of lagging for opening shot (as in marbles or billiards) 4 golf : a usually long putt struck with the aim of having the ball stop near the hole – Source

Defining: Lager

A beer brewed by slow fermentation and matured under refrigeration. – Source

Note: Bringing all three definitions together gives us a creative direction for branding purposes. Definition #2 is changed from negative connotation (lagging/slow) to a positive spin (Slow brewed goodness).

Lag + 4-Letters .com Sales Data:

lagasca.com385 USD2019-05-05GoDaddy
lagiara.com260 USD2018-12-27NameJet
lagbaja.com255 USD2018-02-04GoDaddy
lagavia.com260 USD2016-06-10NameJet
lagente.com362 USD2016-04-25NameJet
lagrend.com144 USD2016-03-01DropCatch
lagorai.com2,000 USD2011-07-28Sedo

Note: Not much to look at, but it gives a little idea in what this combinations demand is. Only one reported sale in 2019. There have only been 7 total sales over the years for this combination. This is more than likely due to the negative connotation of the word “Lag”. Being able to spin it into a positive, like “Slow brewing” is vital to retaining value.

3-Letters + Ster .com Sales Data

wedster.com264 USD2019-12-08DropCatch
cadster.com521 USD2019-11-06GoDaddy
digster.com4,950 USD2019-09-17GoDaddy
kikster.com122 USD2019-08-19GoDaddy
fabster.com485 USD2019-07-07GoDaddy
flyster.com2,000 USD2019-05-26GoDaddy
dewster.com160 USD2019-04-29GoDaddy
kiester.com510 USD2019-03-07NameJet
dmaster.com163 USD2019-02-26NameJet
vapster.com880 USD2019-02-21GoDaddy
debster.com410 USD2019-02-06NameJet
lawster.com898 USD2018-11-06GoDaddy
nabster.com204 USD2018-10-28GoDaddy
jobster.com200,000 USD2018-10-11Sedo
vegster.com140 USD2018-09-14GoDaddy
tagster.com1,075 USD2018-08-19GoDaddy
mudster.com213 USD2018-06-30GoDaddy
bloster.com110 USD2018-06-25NameJet
fewster.com262 USD2018-05-11NameJet
eluster.com165 USD2018-04-12GoDaddy

Note: There’s more sales data to look at in this combination. There were 11 sales reported in 2019. This gives us a better idea and indicates there is a little bit of reseller liquidity in the combination, but not much. There have been 74 sales reported in total for this combination over the years.

How The Term is Being Used in Branding Today:

The word/term Lagster is not branded very well yet today, making it even more ideal for a start-up to brand with it. However, the plural “Lagsters”, is branded as a futuristic PC racing game that was released in 2004. – Source

Monetization Visualization (Potential):

Lagster – A Genuine Lager Drinker.

Potential products might be: Lager Beer, Branded Retail Memorabilia (Shirts, hats, coasters, etc.), and more.


The hard part is identifying the potential end-user/start-up, gathering more research on their specific niche, formulating a presentation, negotiating, and closing.

Even though this asset has some low reseller liquidity, it will still require a lot of leg-work to find the right entrepreneur and apply the hard parts I also mentioned above, which in most cases, domain investors fail at.

Thoughts (Domain Only) – (Dec. 2019 market):

  • Reseller = $200 to $975
  • Hobbyist = $1k to $2.9k
  • End user = $3k to $15k+ (The perfect start-up could justify and exceed this)

Here’s how I like to break it down:

  • Reseller: This is a domain investor with no intention of developing. They generally park or use a landing page of their own to resell a blank canvased domain for a profit, either to other resellers, hobbyists, or end-users. These investors hand register, pay wholesale, or aftermarket pricing to lower the risk and increase profit potential. (Smallest budget)
  • Hobbyist: This is a domain investor with intent to develop an asset themselves to increase value and provide a means for a domain to pay it’s own renewals each year, eliminating renewal overhead expenses. This type of investor tests different markets with developments until they find a sweet spot, in which they expand development, optimize monetization efforts in a few different verticals, resell domains or domains + websites with verifiable traffic/revenue/etc., monitors the aftermarket, and pushes forward into entrepreneurship. (Mid-Budget)
  • End-user: Contrary to popular belief, this is also a domain investor (They can be independents, partners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, or even government agencies). They invest in a domain name asset to develop for the purpose of generating revenue or delivering an important message to an online audience/customer base. Every hour and penny they put into that domain names development is still an investment into their digital asset (property), increasing the value, and potential. Most end-users have no intention of reselling a domain asset, however, it does still happen as part of company takeovers and acquisitions. (Biggest Budget)

DISCLAIMER: For those reading this evaluation, please keep in mind that it’s only for this domain name and not any variants or different combinations. It is not advised to register a bunch of variant domains based on a single domain evaluation. Each variant change may or may not decrease or eliminate value.

Value can never be determined from a single point of research or variable. It’s also important to understand the potential use of a domain asset in terms of monetization and revenue structure. This gives an inside look at what such an asset may be worth in a particular niche industry.

These are quick evaluations based on my personal experience/knowledge in multiple direct and related online industries dating back to 2005, being neck deep in the domain asset industry since 2009 (As a former-administrator, moderator, and VIP/Pro member for the largest domain investors community in the world), offline industries since 1996 + Some current market research for the specific domain asset being evaluated. It should be noted that the most accurate evaluation can sometimes take several hours or even days of research, data compiling, comparisons, etc.

DO NOT use this evaluation alone as a reason to register or acquire a domain asset. Do your own due diligence and research before ever investing into anything in life.

Legal Notice: If you are dealing with a Brand asset of companies that may have been established prior to asset acquisition, you may want to consult with an IP/TM attorney in the country you reside. Most have one free consultation. Just to be sure, if you haven’t yet.

Remember, at the end of the day, a domain name is truly only worth what a buyer and seller agree on.

Would you like one of your domain name assets evaluated privately (NDA) or publicly in our blog? learn more about domain asset evaluations.

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