Updates: Domain Name Discovery / A New Journey / And A New Project

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It’s been a roller coaster ride the last few months folks. I’m taking a moment today to bring all my subscribers up to speed that may have missed some of the information along the way that got scattered into social media and community discussions.

We were hit by the floods of hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, which resulted in several feet of water destroying everything we had (Cars, house, furniture, electronics, and other assorted categories of belongings.). A GoFund me campaign was started by a fellow domain investor and the domain industry came together to lend a helping hand.

The money that was raised was more than we could have ever expected (We are very grateful to everyone that donated and humbled by the experience), regrettably, it wasn’t enough to replace a large portion of what we lost to start rebuilding the same way. With that said, we decided that the best way to spring back would be to live simplistically with minimal overhead so we can bounce back faster and maybe relax a little bit to recoup. We invested into a motorhome, a dolly, and a car to pull behind us.

We are now embarking on a journey of snowbirds (North for the summer and south for the winter).

Here are some other updates:

Servers – It turned out that our server had reached 14+ years old and php updates were no longer supported. So we got a new hosting plan on a newer server to support future updates and finished getting all our files/databases/DNS/Etc. switched over. Our sites seem to be loading faster too. Yay!

New Domain Development Project – We’ll be discontinuing our travel section on Scorpion Agency and developing a sub-branded journal hosted on its own to cover our travel articles since we anticipate a lot more traveling than before and a different viewer/reader demographic. The project is running a little behind, but we hope to be able to launch within the next 2 to 3 months.

Domain Name Discovery – Once we lunch the new project (above) we’ll also start a new series shortly after to be published on Scorpion Agency that will creatively walk readers through the process of discovering domain names that may have some value as we travel. From discovery to research, to market demands, to potential campaigns a company could benefit from if they developed such a domain asset.  This might get interesting.

Articles – For now, writing articles may be sporadic and spread apart. I appreciate your understanding.

Thanks for being a subscriber and loyal reader.

Happy business building everyone.

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