The Scorpion Agency was founded in 2004 and went live online in 2005. The primary services offered are vector design related, such as but not limited to: Logo design, Illustration design, Mascot design, Caricature design, Cartoon design, Landscape design, Raster to vector conversion, Portraits, and more. The secondary services offered is informational, such as but not limited to: Website traffic generation, Surplus Liquidation, Vector design, Free resources, Finding freelance work, and more.

The Scorpion Agency network is comprised of multiple websites that we designed in order to target the above markets mentioned. Our sites offer a range of services, products, and information resources. We are constantly researching new markets to add to our network of websites. All our domains + websites are for sale at the right price, check out our domain + website portfolio for pricing or to make an offer.

The Scorpion Agency was originally created to provide professional and creative designs that stand out from the rest. The way we see it, is that the internet is already overflowing with look-a-likes, copies, scrapes, and fakes. We are here to make sure your next design is creative and very unique, setting you apart from your competition and giving you the ability to cast a memorable impression.

::Our Creative Process::

For each and every design project we have a guideline process that we follow to insure a competitive edge and complete originality.

  1. We research your industry
  2. We research your top competitors
  3. We research your target market(s)
  4. We compile a list of ideas
  5. We hand sketch (on a graphics tablet) our ideas
  6. We illustrate our rough sketches into points / paths vector
  7. We add Text, details, and color (if applicable)
  8. We deliver the samples to you for preview
  9. We make revisions / modifications based on your feedback
  10. We render / deliver (once approved by you) in multiple industry standard formats

Whether you are new to ordering custom vector work or experienced in the vector design field yourself, you will find that our quality and services go above and beyond the norm.

Have questions? Make sure to take a few minutes to contact us so we can assist you.

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