Our Network

Curious as to what our network of websites entails? Below is a list of our current network and subjects they cover.

  • Scorpion Agency - This was the first site built back in 2005 . The Scorpion Agency™ is our primary design related brand and the mother ship to multiple sub-service sites.
  • Logo Design Work - This site is currently under construction. It will provide a professional logo design service to new brand start-ups.
  • Design Shop - This Sub-Site marketplace was designed to provide pre-made designs at cost effective prices. Our custom design clients obtain copyrights to one design out of the samples we provide and we retain all copyrights to designs they don't choose to purchase. This allows us to sell the designs not chosen at a more cost effective rate. With our pre-made logos for sale, we transfer all copyrights upon purchase to the new owner. Check out our design shop TODAY!
  • Meyer's Lyon - Online Shop - This site was developed as a joint family venture to provide online products and services. 100% family owned and operated with no outsourcing.
  • San Antonio Logo Design - This site was designed to cater to the local San Antonio area providing quality logo design services. With no outsourcing and all the work done locally, it allows for us to help stimulate and support our local economy.
  • Vector Design - This site was designed to do two things, 1.) educate the consumer about what a vector is and why it's the number one choice format for businesses, and 2.) To provide cost effective, creative, and unique vector design services for the budget minded individuals.
  • Vector Formats - This site was developed for information purposes to teach people what a vector format is and how it differs from raster formats.
  • Salvage and Surplus - This site was added to the network to provide bargain hunters with a list of over 200+ quality salvage and surplus online auction sites. Some of these auctions used to only be known to larger corporations looking to buy in bulk and resell to general public. The list includes, but is not limited to: Military, Government, ISD, DEA, FBI, IRS, Border Patrol, Bank, Insurance, Real estate, etc... covering seizures, repo's, forfeitures, overstock, living estates, etc..
  • Bouncing Balls - This site was developed to provide totally free online flash browser games that use balls, balloons, and bubbles.
  • Female Serial Killers - This site was developed to provide historical and educational information about female serial killers.
  • Topic Mixer - This site was developed to provide  articles covering topics you don't commonly see anywhere else.

Note: We do NOT provide any custom website design services. The websites we sell are pre-designed already and include the domain as part of a package deal.

If you would like to learn more about domaining, we suggest that you visit and study some of the free articles, tutorials, and resources at NamePros.

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