Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Free stuff created by Scorpion Agency LLC. We retain all copyrights of the free stuff, but you get to use it where you want.

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Remember, anything worth time or monetary value in life is generally not going to be free. Free is generally free for a reason. Free stuff is great to play with, fill in a few gaps, expand on your offerings, and maybe create the illusion of value. However, at the end of the day, it was free.

Custom, unique, and creatively crafted assets are generally the best route to go. Unfortunately, that comes at a cost.

Keep in mind, 99.9% of free graphics, illustrations, stock photos, logos, mascots, etc. do not transfer all rights to the one that downloaded them. The original designer and or site/company providing said assets retains the copyrights. Additionally, hundereds, if not thousands of other people are probably using the same free stuff. That means you can never trademark or copyright any free stuff that doesn't give you 100% rights to claim them as your own original works/mark.

Need a custom design you'll have all the rights to? Check out our design services

Alternately, you can buy a discounted pre-made (Original) design from our shop that comes with copyrights, Today!

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