Fist Exploding Logo

Fist Exploding Logo

  • $10.00

This is a quality hand crafted and digitaly illustrated logo design for your new brands consideration.

What You get:

  1. This logo design is only being sold once and the buyer will retain copyrights to the design upon acquisition/purchase.
  2. Fully layered vector files Included: Dpa, Eps, Pdf, Svg, Wmf.
  3. Unique (Only sold once) pre-made logos are a great way to save money and time.

Why should I buy a unique (Only sold once) logo with copyrights instead of using free clipart or stock?

Great question! 

Keep in mind, clipart/stock images are not only downloaded by hundreds (If not thousands) of people, the license agreements transparently point out that the designer retains copyrights and that the design may not be used in a companies branding/logo. In addition to that bad news, it also means you can never legally trademark or copyright the design for your company to use (Since so many others are using it and the designer owns the copyrights)

The last thing you want is to infringe on someone else’s copyrights/trademarks. That would be a bad way to start your new venture.

Want a custom logo/brand designed from scratch based on your vision?

No problem, we got you covered. Contact us for a free quote

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