Someone Sent Me A Free Sports Illustrated Subscription

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Today, I got 2 sports illustrated magazines in the mail that I did not order. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not really a big fan of sports and wouldn’t read it. It was thoughtful of someone to make sure the swimsuit issue was included, but the wife and I didn’t really care for that one either. Did you know that the swimsuit issue is looking more like 1980’s Penthouse?

Why would a swimsuit magazine put pictures of nude women, not wearing anything, let alone a swimsuit? Half the swimsuits were see-through (Literally), 25% were using their hands to just cover the nipples, and the remaining 25% was actually showcasing swimsuits.

I suppose more skin helps sell some products and that sports fans are a target for it, however, I just don’t see the point of a swimsuit magazine with no swimsuits :p

The pic below is of the two magazines I received.

Thanks to whoever bought the subscription for me, but next time, could you make it a survival, marketing, or business related subscription? I’ll get way more use out of those.


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