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Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 11am to 5pm

Scorpion Agency LLC Admin and Moderator Services

With these services, We can leverage our 15+ years of experience adminstrating and moderating online forum communities with over 1 million members.

Online community administration and moderation:

Community Administration: Structuring forum hierarchy, managing moderators, creating policies and rules, managing the back-end, implimenting spam prevention, managing user accounts, creating events, community engagement, Ad placements, account investigations, and more! ($35 per hour or $4000 salary per month)

Community Moderation: Reviewing content for rule violations, enforcing rules, mediating between members, community engagement, moving topics to correct sections, and more! ($20 per hour or $2000 salary per month per Moderator)

Tip: Paring the above with our content creation is a great way to keep fresh content publishing in your community for optimal engagement.

Non-Compete: Long-term contract exclusive - We do not compete with our clients. That means that we only contract with 1 client per niche industry. If we are already assisting a client in your niche industry (Applies to long-term contracts ONLY), we can add you to our waiting list and notify you when we are able to assist you without conflicting with previous contracts. Loyalty is important to us!

Partner Disclaimer Notice:
Scorpion Agency LLC is comprised of a heavily vested team of online business professionals, each paying dues to be a part of something bigger than themselves.(Partners refer to other partners to help keep clients safer, within a more vested team of professionals)

Ready to get your community thriving and vibing?
Send us an eMail with your project brief and related information to: Service@ScorpionAgency.com

Once received, we will review your project and get back to you with more information (Generally within 24 hours).

Have some questions first?
Please send questions to: Info@ScorpionAgency.com