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Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 11am to 5pm

Scorpion Agency LLC Content Creation

Looking for some fresh, unique, and original content to be created?
You came to the right place. Take a look at some of the content service options we have to fit your needs.

eMail: Newsletters, sales pitches, marketing materials, general information, interviews, and more! (We write it and you send it)

Blog/Journal: Articles, reviews, research data, assorted news, engaging comments, and more!

eCommerce: Product reviews, product/service descriptions, general data entry, and More! (You supply the product or service and we'll write about it)

Forum/Community: Rules, policies, terms of service, engaging thread topics, engaging post replies, and More!

Misc.: Have something else in mind? Maybe a slogon, tag-line, joke, personal ad, wise words, motivational speach, etc.? We got you covered!

Non-Compete: Long-term contract exclusive - We do not compete with our clients. That means that we only contract with 1 client per niche industry. If we are already assisting a client in your niche industry (Applies to long-term contracts ONLY), we can add you to our waiting list and notify you when we are able to assist you without conflicting with previous contracts. Loyalty is important to us!

Partner Disclaimer Notice:
Scorpion Agency LLC is comprised of a heavily vested team of online business professionals, each paying dues to be a part of something bigger than themselves.(Partners refer to other partners to help keep clients safer, within a more vested team of professionals)

Send us an eMail with your project brief and related information to: Service@ScorpionAgency.com

Once received, we will review your project and get back to you with a quote (Generally within 24 hours) and refer a vested partner to work with.

Have some questions first?
Please send questions to: Info@ScorpionAgency.com