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Scorpion Agency™ TLD/SLD Evaluations

Here's how we like to break domain name asset evaluations down:
(We show 4 different value points in every evaluation)

Reseller: This is a domain investor with no intention of developing. They generally park or use a landing page of their own to resell a blank canvased domain for a profit, either to other resellers, hobbyists, or end-users. These investors hand register, pay wholesale, or aftermarket pricing to lower the risk and increase profit potential. (Smallest budget)

Hobbyist: This is a domain investor with intent to develop an asset themselves to increase value and provide a means for a domain to pay it's own renewals each year, eliminating renewal overhead expenses. This type of investor tests different markets with developments until they find a sweet spot, in which they expand development, optimize monetization efforts in a few different verticals, resell domains or domains + websites with verifiable traffic/revenue/etc., monitors the aftermarket, and pushes forward into entrepreneurship. (Mid-Budget)

End-user: Contrary to popular belief, this is also a domain investor (They can be independents, partners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, or even government agencies). They invest in a domain name asset to develop for the purpose of generating revenue or delivering an important message to an online audience/customer base. Every hour and penny they put into that domain names development is still an investment into their digital asset (property), increasing the value, and potential. Most end-users have no intention of reselling a domain asset, however, it does still happen as part of company takeovers and acquisitions. (Biggest Budget)

Unicorn: This is when all the planets align in your favor to discover the perfect end-user ready to take action with little to no negotiating to build their empire, not only with your domain asset, but also for the specific end-user direction we mentioned in the evaluation above.

Evaluations generally include the following: The Domain Name being evaluated, Asset Type, Word/Acronym Definitions, Previous Sales Data, Ranking Data, Search Engine Competition, Similar Brands, Market research, Asset Development History, Current Development Status, Verifiable Revenue, Verifiable Traffic, Other Potential Development Directions, Niche Target Demographics, Monetization potential, and More!)

(DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that the evaluation is only for the domain name you contracted us to evaluate and not any variants or different combinations. It is not advised to register a bunch of variant domains based on a single domain evaluation. Each variant change may or may not decrease or eliminate value.

Value can never be determined from a single point of research or variable. It's also important to understand the potential use of a domain asset in terms of monetization and revenue structure. This gives an inside look at what such an asset may be worth in a particular niche industry.

These evaluations are based on extensive industry experience/knowledge in multiple direct and related online industries dating back to 2005, offline industries since 1995 and current market research for the specific domain being evaluated. It should be noted that the most accurate evaluation can sometimes take several hours or even days of research, data compiling, comparisons, etc.

DO NOT use this evaluation alone as a reason to register or acquire a domain asset. Do your own due diligence and research before ever investing into anything in life.

Legal Notice: If you are dealing with a Brand asset of companies that may have been established prior to asset acquisition, you may want to consult with an IP/TM attorney in the country you reside. Most have 1 free consultation. Just to be sure, if you haven't yet.

Remember, at the end of the day, a domain name is truly only worth what a buyer and seller agree on.)

Partner Disclaimer Notice:
Scorpion Agency™ is comprised of a heavily vested team of online business professionals, each paying dues to be a part of something bigger than themselves. (Partners refer to other partners to help keep clients safer, within a more vested team of professionals)

(Evaluations are confidential and we will not share or publish them without your consent.)

Send us an eMail with the domain you want evaluated to: Service@ScorpionAgency.com

Once received, we'll have an invoice for a modest $50 sent over to you via Paypal (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Upon payment confirmation, please allow up to 48 hours for your evaluation to be completed and sent to you for review.