Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that our clients and readers have asked more frequently than others. For your convenience, we have provided the answers to those questions below and will continue to update the FAQ from time to time. If you have an important question that you feel should be listed here, let us know.

General Questions

I’ve heard some people say that they think I chose the brand name Scorpion Agency™ because my astrological sign is Scorpio. While it is true that I am a Scorpio, it’s not the basis of the brand/logo. Below, I have outlined what the Scorpion Agency™ logo means:

Great question!

Just about every industry has hundreds (if not thousands) of people/businesses offering the same or similar services/products. The Scorpion Agency™ is no different in that respect, however, it’s important to be able to dissect the differences between service/product providers to ensure they offer the targeted solutions you actually need.

It’s no big secret that many of us have used services/products in the past that didn’t meet our expectations or that didn’t communicate with us effectively enough to solve our problem. They simply patched the problem with a band-aide that temporarily gave the illusion of a solution and then fell apart the first time it got wet (Exposing the problem again).

Here are a few things that separate us from other designers and brand managers:

  • We believe in building relationships and establishing partnerships with our clients. Each and every one of you is a unique individual and not just a number.
  • We understand that as unique individuals/businesses, the solutions you need have to be custom tailored and not just a generalized/generic band-aide.
  • As a small family operated design and brand management company, it gives us the ability to provide you with the attention, respect, and premium support you deserve.
  • Thinking outside the proverbial box and injecting our unique ideas with a creative twist, it allows us to help you establish and set your own brand apart from the rest in your respective industry.
  • With design experience (On-Paper) since 1985, digital design/brand management experience (Online) since 2005, moderation/administration experience in a (Online) community of over 1 million members in the domain/brand sector since 2009, and an extensive background in customer support and sales since 1995, it gives us an upper hand on the competition and allows us to provide you with effective (researched and tested) solutions.

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The 50% down payment is nonrefundable once work has started to compensate for hours spent on the project already. Once a project has been finalized by you and the final payment has been confirmed, you agree that by finalizing your project, you have verified everything and no refund requests will be valid. Be sure to read our terms of service and then Contact us for more details or a free quote today!

We work on a 50% down / 50% on completion payment arrangement (Unless otherwise agreed upon). Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. However, we can also make arrangements to accept the following; PayPal (Visa/MasterCard/Amex), ACH, Wire transfer, Money order, Cashiers check, or Cash (if you are local). Keep in mind that new projects do not start until your 50% deposit has been confirmed. Contact us for more details or a free quote today!

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