Brand Development

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There comes a time for every start-up business to create their brand identity. Sometimes, just having a quick logo made like you have done in the past, just isn’t enough. That’s where our brand development service comes in. We work with individuals, start-ups, and established companies looking to either; re-brand or develop on an existing brand.

Did you know that the first brand campaign started in Egypt in 2700 BC? That’s right, to combat theft, merchants and farmers would stamp or burn their brand on pottery, clothing, and farm animals.

(Cost-Effective) Brand Development Services

You need someone that has experience in the brand/design industry to help you maximize your new brand’s potential. Check out what’s included in our brand development service package.

  • Brand Brainstorming – This includes brand mapping techniques and domain availability check.
  • Brand Competitor Research – This includes general research of your competitors to ensure your brand stands out better than the rest.
  • Brand Target Market Research – This includes researching your target audience and target geography so we can ensure that your brand is reaching the right potential consumers.
  • Brand Creation/Design – This includes the unique and creative design of your new brand.
  • Brand Strategy/Campaign – This includes outlining marketing/advertising campaigns to help you get the most exposure for your brand.
  • Brand Management – (Optional Addon Service) For a cost-effective monthly fee, we can manage/market your brand’s campaigns for you so you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

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(Free) Brand Development Tips

Here’s a link to a few articles I wrote related to brand development to help you get started (In case you want to do it yourself): Brand Development

Remember: If you don’t take your brand seriously, why should anyone else?™


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