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I was thinking to myself a moment ago about how I used to use cost effective 3rd party video services in my small site development projects. I couldn’t for the life of me remember how successful those campaigns were because I stopped tracking them after 12 months of testing and the last one was rolled out in early 2013.

The video example below is for one of my geo-targeted lead generating sites I developed while living in San Antonio, Texas and the video was created by a freelancer for $5 back in 2013.

Reviewing the video again, I can see where it benefited my lead generating efforts over the years slightly but fell short on it’s full potential. I’m sure many of you can agree that a better production with props and a theme could generate a bit more excitement in the viewer (Potential customer).

I suppose, for $5, it was a great deal and might just go to show that you get what you pay for. I think that instead of outsourcing video intros like that in the future, I’ll invest in a better digital camera and do the intros/commercials myself, with my wife as the (learning) videographer.

Here’s an example of myself behind the camera during an interview at a NamesCon event back in 2015.

With some more sleep (So I don’t look so worn-out tired), better presentation, better-themed background setting, and a better camera, I think I could potentially do ok in my own video series of some kind.

Now I have a lot more to think about. A video series… Now what on earth would such a series be about? Hmm… Back to the drawing board, I go.

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