(Part 5) – Road Trip To Las Vegas, NV – Jan 2017 – 9 Fine Irishmen (NP Meet-up) & Dick’s Last Resort

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Day 2 of the NamesCon event was full of video interviews (Which NamePros will announce once they are released officially.). Rather than flood you with pics of camera set-ups and people sitting on couches in this article, I’ll share a couple pictures of the NamePros meet-up after the event that took place at the 9 Fine Irishmen Bar, which is at the New York, New York hotel and casino.

Note: Everyone in the pictures below (Except the bartender, of course) are members of NamePros (The largest and most active domain investing community in the world)

(Pic above) If you look closely enough, you can see me and Amanda sitting on the bench in the back left. Ya, I’m the one in the black straw cowboy hat with spikes. (Yep, it has spikes on it. 😉 )

(Pic’s Below) On our way back to our hotel room at the Excalibur, we just couldn’t resist taking a picture with the statue at Dick’s Last Resort restaurant. I don’t think my wife noticed because she was on the other side, but on the side I was standing on, it sure looked like he had something lodged in his nose, so I figured I would be nice and try to finger it out for him. :p

It was definitely a great feeling meeting more NamesPros members in person after the event that day. We even talked a bit about maybe putting something together (Unofficially) for couples in the domain industry. Can you imagine a bunch of domain hungry, domain investing couples getting together in Las Vegas? The streets wouldn’t be safe for singles anymore! :p 😉

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